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Have you thought about renting out your home, but can't get past all the unkowns?
  • What if the tenants damage your home or disturb the neighbors?
  • What if repairs are necessary, but you're too far away to deal with the problems?
  • What if collecting the rent on time proves too challenging?
Safeguarding Your Investment

At Jackson Property Management we're committed to Safeguarding Your Investment with quality tenants, periodic inspections, and attention to detail. With a professional property management company, renting your property is an excellent way of generating income and building capital.

Our company offers a full service residential property management package which includes all aspects required to manage your property in Idaho:
  • Searching for and screening applicants in order to find a reliable tenant for your home
  • Completing a full inspection recorded with digital photographs prior to move-in
  • Taking care of maintenance and repair requests as they arise
  • Regular communication with you, seeking your approval before any action or expenditure
  • Collecting the rent, paying bills on your behalf, and providing monthly and year end statements